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Playa del Secreto History We started out Small and we still are!

  A little history of Playa del Secreto…

   The 1st houses were built in the very early 1980's by the Blanca Duarte's father who was for many many years the property caretaker for the original family that owned all of the land in Playa del Secreto, he cared for the garden and the beach - his simple Palapa house has been remolded to a building containing four beach front suites that sadly have been closed since Hurricane Wilma in 1996 and are now For Sale, next was Daniel Diamant' s Vacation Rental Bella Vista built by Cancun hotel zone architect Javier Zubiran and Ramon Cervera the then Governor's brother built what is now Casa del Secreto, now owned by Doy Cooper it was the Mayan Riviera's 1st B&B and now remodeled to the well-known Luxury Vacation Home Rental.

   In the later 1980's a Canadian Walter Link whom lived in Cancun's Hotels zone in Residential del Mar happened upon the beach of Playa Del Secreto. He loved the quietness of Playa del Secreto and its neighbor Puerto Morelos so he built the 7 attached White Villas just south of the entrance road (originally called Casa Blanca #1- #7) and move he and his wife into Casa Blanca #1 and some of his neighbors from Residential del Mar in the rest. His pride and joy (now called Villa Picon) was featured in Architectural Digest Magazine; it was inspirational because it was a Florida Style open layout home verses the typical Mexican Hacienda type buildings that were being built at that time. His wife however was not so thrilled, so they ended up living next door in Casa Blanca #2 which she preferred. The villas were all white and modern, he always wore all white linen and had two beautiful pure white blue eyed Siberian Huskies at his side; it made a breathtaking photo with the turquoise water as a backdrop.

   The 1st phase of Cancun's hotel zone was designed by a handful of architects; one was Jose Luis Rodrigues Hernandez. Many of these original Cancun Architects founded small neighborhoods or hotels in the area between Puerto Morelos and Playa del Carmen, long before the area was referred to as the Riviera Maya. Jose Luis whom built the Villas for Walter Link fell in love with Playa del Secreto and decided to build for himself; the Secret Beach Villas were built to be a week-end vacation home for his family.

   Playa Del Secreto was known as a prestigious residential community where most of the villas were a 2nd home to some of the wealthy Cancun locals and Ex-pat residents, sadly Hurricane Roxanne came to Playa del Secreto along with the Paso devaluation the year earlier and that put a halt to further construction for years, in fact it wasn't till 2001 that we saw anything new being built.

   Playa del Secreto is part of the city of Playa del Carmen, but it wasn't always that way, for us whom have lived here for a while who can remember being part of Cancun, paying our electric bills in Cancun, paying taxes in Cancun but getting our police and fire service from Puerto Morelos. Even though for years now we are legally part of Playa del Carmen, we still feel more like a subdivision of Puerto Morelos because we are only a few minutes away.