What began as a pair of blenders, a patio table, and a fridge has flourished into over 200 stores, thousands of employees, and a mission to lead communities in healthy, sustainable living.

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Earn Tips

In addition to an hourly wage, employees receive both cash AND credit card tips!

Career Growth

There are possible shift leader & manager opportunities for employees who show true leadership skills & commitment to their job.

Fun Environment

Playa babes & bros are always dancing, smiling & having lots of fun!

Playa Discounts

If an employee is working, they receive 50% off & if they're not working they receive 30% off!


At each of our locations, the individuals who make up our vibrant teams bring the Playa Bowls ethos to life. If you’d like to join an active, goal-oriented, community-focused team, click below, we’d love to meet you.