Before we get to the nutritionals, let’s hit you with some Playa Knowledge!

Natural Sugar

The difference between refined sugar and natural sugar

  • It’s important to remember that natural sugar from fruit is very different than the refined sugar you find in many processed foods.
  • Refined sugar (such as in soda and candy) has no nutritional value and is broken down extremely fast by your body. This causes your insulin and blood sugar to skyrocket – yikes! 
  • Sugar in fruit is called fructose and takes longer to break down, keeping you fuller for longer. Fruits are also filled with fiber, vitamins and minerals and anti-oxidants which are great for your body and actually bring nutritional value to your diet!

Now let’s talk Playa Acai™ – as not all acai is created equal

Acai Recipe

Did you know we hand craft our own acai recipe?

  • Playa Acai™ has double the pulp (the skin of the berry that surrounds the large seeded center) of our competitors, giving you more health benefits.
  • We never blend our acai with banana or apple juice bringing down the sugar contents significantly.
  • Playa Acai™ is imported directly to New Jersey from Brazil and is never stored for more than 21 days – unlike many of our competitors which may keep Acai stored for over a year.
  • We control everything that goes into Playa Acai™ and serve a superior product that is not available at any other acai shop you have visited. Be sure to stick with New Jersey’s Original Acai Shop™ – your body will thank you 🙂