The Health Perks of Sipping a Cold Brew Coffee

In Pineappleland, we love water. We love to drink it, surf it, hang by it, and play around in it. But as delicious as water is sometimes we need something a little stronger to get us through the day. That’s when we turn to coffee and our delicious cold brews for a spike in energy and deliciousness.

After that good ol’ H2O, coffee is the second most-consumed beverage in the world. In the world! And the number one popular drink (because we love coffee, but we need water). Are you ready to have your mind blown? Worldwide, nearly two billion cups of coffee are sipped on every day. And over 60 percent of Americans in the United States drink nearly three cups daily. If you’re reading this, you’re likely one of them.

To celebrate the world’s most desired beverage, this National Cold Brew Day on April 20th we’re giving away a FREE 16oz sweet cream cold brew with the purchase of any superfruit bowl to Playa Rewards members at all of our Playa Bowls locations. That’s a lot of cold brews!

Now, let’s dive into the health perks of coffee.

Big energy boosts

Most people know that coffee contains caffeine, a magical substance that drives up your energy levels. But do you know why? Caffeine stimulates the central nervous system by increasing levels of what’s called dopamine. Dopamine is responsible for motivation and pleasure. So it’s almost like a natural energy high!

Playa tip: Nothing boosts energy like our protein-packed Dolce Latte Smoothie, made with banana, peanut butter, chicory coffee concentrate, chocolate protein, and coconut milk.

Lowers risk of disease

While you’re surfing that energy boost, you might be happy to know that your cold brew coffee also lowers your risk of certain diseases. If consumed on a semi-regular basis, you lower your risk of coronary heart disease, kidney disease, diabetes, heart failure, Parkinson’s disease, colon cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, and stroke. All of this leads to a longer life and more opportunities for a truly endless summer.

Playa tip: The Playola Cold Brew gets right to the heart of our coffee, made with Chicory coffee concentrate (New Orleans Style).

Prevents depression

The fact that coffee stimulates energy levels means you’re likely to hit a certain happiness high as a result. More energy means more desire to socialize. So it’s no surprise that coffee can help prevent depression

Playa tip: Feel comforted with the taste of coconut. Our Coconut New Orleans Smoothie has banana, coconut base, chicory coffee concentrate, cacao nibs, and oat milk.

Creates social connection

One of the benefits we love most about coffee is how it brings people together. That is why there are so many coffee shops in the world! Think about all the times a friend, family member, or co-worker said to you, “Hey let’s meet for coffee,” and you immediately lit up inside. That’s because coffee is a simple way to gather for a social, educational, or even business connection in a fun, lighthearted atmosphere. And Playa Bowls is no different. Our cold brews are the perfect pairing with a conversation. We bring people together in each of our locations and see groups hang out long after the ice melts away.

Playa tip: A Playa Babes and Bros fave, the Sweet Cream Cold Brew will connect everyone in your circle! It’s made with Chicory coffee concentrate (New Orleans style) with sweet cream, and oat milk.

Enjoy all of the perks of your cold brew this National Coffee Day at your local Playa Bowls. And chill out as you sip on some major health benefits.